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Added 11/1/13 by Scott Brenner

Scott BrennerSince 1987, Brenner Real Estate Group has been one of South Florida's top independent commercial real estate brokerage and management firms. We've sold, leased and managed millions of square feet of office, warehouse and retail space.  Our experienced brokers have represented clients from private investors to institutional owners and from start-ups to multi-national corporations. Receiverships and handling distressed and REO properties are also a Brenner strength. We maximize value and create solutions.

Brenner Real Estate Group has weathered the economic storm and has emerged stronger than ever, due to our dedicated group of professionals and a philosophy of putting our clients' needs first. Real estate is the backbone of the South Florida economy.  As commercial real estate professionals, we are among the first to know when firms are coming into the market, when new projecCypress Commons Officets will transform the skyline and when emerging trends will change the way we do business.  Our staff at Brenner is also actively involved in our community, and we like to communicate news about worthy causes with our friends and neighbors. And of course, we all make sure to have fun. Whether its sports, entertainment or the great outdoors, we are happy to share with others about things that we enjoy.

So Brenner Real Estate Group has decided to start a blog…more information for a world already facing extensive information overload.  But we believe our organization has a voice that is worth hearing. I can guarantee you that you won’t be interested in everything we publish. But if we occasionally hit on something that informs you, entertains you or possibly even inspires you, then maybe there is a place for one more source of information in your world.

We encourage you to subscribe to our blog, join our e-mail list or to follow Brenner Real Estate Group on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In or Google+. And because we look forward to an exchange of ideas, if you have an interesting story to tell, let us know. We might even cover your topic or offer you a guest blog spot. Communication is not only a two-way street, we’re communicating across an information superhighway.  We welcome and encourage your questions and comments.


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