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Following Her Heart to the Big Apple

Added 11/21/13 by Ken Silberling

Suzanne Lopez, one of our bright young stars in commercial real estate brokerage has left the firm to follow her heart to New York. She shares some tips for young brokers and also has some nice things to say about her colleagues at Brenner.

It is a bittersweet time here at Brenner Real Estate Group as Suzanne Lopez will be leaving the firm after six years of service. We wish her the best of luck as she follows her heart to Long Island where she will join her boyfriend.  Suzanne joined Brenner as a junior broker in 2007 fresh out of Florida Atlantic University.

“I came to Brenner knowing nothing about commercial real estate” said Lopez. “The people here, especially Kathy Alberts taught me everything I know.”  Suzanne learned quickly and completed over 200 transactions. “The people at Brenner have always been great to me. Whenever I had a question, there was someone to answer.”

“Suzanne came here straight out of college and as green as green can be.” said Scott Brenner, CEO, “But she worked hard, did the right things and made herself into a really good broker. We’ll miss her.”

Why should people hire Brenner Real Estate Group? 

“The people are truly honest and put the client’s need first. I’ve always tried to get deals done for the right reasons. What’s best for me isn’t always what’s best for the client. I found that my colleagues here all have the same belief and that’s why we work so well together. “

Why did you choose to work for Brenner?

“We have a broker in Scott Brenner who is always busting his butt to bring in business. He doesn’t compete with us for deals like some other brokers do. He realizes that if we’re successful, he’s successful.”

What advice do you have for new people coming into the business?

“You have to expect to work hard and it isn’t going to happen overnight.  I’ve gotten thrown out of buildings for making cold calls and people have threatened to prosecute me for calling off the “do not call” list. But sometimes you walk into an office and someone thanks you for being there just when they needed. That’s when it’s all worthwhile. “

What is your best broker story?

“I wanted to do business with John Deere and used to call their corporate real estate office all the time. Their manager told me he’d call when he needed something. One day, to my surprise, he called and said he needed a building with outside storage in Miami.  I knew absolutely nothing about outside storage, so I asked my associate Helen Weissman who was more experienced in that area. Helen and I had him out in the car the next day and since then we’ve closed 3 deals with them.”

We wish Suzanne the best of luck in her new life in New York and know she’ll be successful. Suzanne recalls some advice she got from some fellow brokers in the depths of the recession in 2008 who told her “if you can make it in this market, you can make it anywhere.”

Didn’t someone once say that about New York ?

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