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Reflections on the Greatest #CRE Super Bowl Ad that Never Was

Added 1/29/15 by Ken Silberling

As the Seahawks and Patriots prepare to take the field for Super Bowl 49, it’s a time to reflect on the great teams and the great games. Some of us think of deflated balls, while others think of the great commercials. As a commercial real estate blogger, my thoughts are drawn to a blog article of a few years back (was it written by someone I know?) about the writer's favorite Super Bowl ad that never was. The ad was produced by Loopnet, which at the time was a mere $400 million commercial real estate search site; before it was absorbed into the now $6 billion Costar empire.

Our friends at Loopnet had a brilliant idea. They would produce their own Super Bowl ad to be shown only on the Internet. As I recall, it was a cute ad, a bit edgy, and it gave me a chuckle. But it wasn't the message that was important here, it was the medium. You see, Loopnet showed that anyone can make their own Super Bowl ad.  We all have the ability to create a viral video that can be seen by millions on YouTube at a cost of just under $4.5 million less than it will cost Budweiser or Pepsi in 2015. Somewhere out there in the vast recesses of cyberspace, one of my own videos has generated 1.5 million hits.

I was one of the few who probably saw the Loopnet ad thanks to a Linked-in post by Duke Long. You see, the LoopNet Super Bowl ad had one fatal flaw. It was the fact that Loopnet  called it their "Super Bowl Ad". Unfortunately for Loopnet, another organization we know as the National Football League owns the trademark on the term "Super Bowl". Mysteriously, the Loopnet ad was taken down within about an hour. Yes, the NFL may just be even more powerful than CoStar.

The Takeaway? First, if you want to create your own Super Bowl ad, you may just want to call it your "Big Game" ad, so as not to anger our friends at the NFL. But even more important is that there may be something to this Internet thing. We now have the power as individuals to reach vast numbers of people.

Yes, you'll need to create some compelling content and that's not an easy thing to do. But there is some great commercial real estate content out there on the Internet, and there are a select few individuals that are using the internet to enhance their brand and make more deals. Hopefully, I can continue to make my own contribution, perhaps borrow a few ideas when appropriate and effectively use the internet to make my phone ring more often.. 

 And if I am reaching vast numbers of people, please check out my listings on Loopnet

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