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Introducing Samuel Suarez

Added 3/1/15 by Ken Silberling

Brenner Real Estate Group is proud to announce the arrival of the newest member of our extended family.  Samuel Suarez was born Saturday February 28. He is the first born of Beatriz Suarez, our marketing coordinator and her husband and proud Papa, Victor.

We may be one of South Florida’s top commercial real estate brokerage and management  firms, but we are really a family business  and we all work closely together.  We’ve all shared Bea’s experience from first hearing Samuel's heartbeat, to fnding out he was going to be a boy, to the surprise shower in our sales meeting.

We couldn’t be happier for Bea and Victor. We know they’re going to be great parents  and we are expecting big things from young Samuel. He's off to a great start as he's already surpassed dad in the hair category!

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