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Eleven Pointers for a Creative and Successful Broker Event – Part 1

Added 8/5/15 by The Brenner Blog Team


You know the scenario - you have a commercial space that needs a boost. Time for a Broker event! You invite your list, and you prepare handouts on the property showing spaces available. Whether your listing is a space you’ve had for a while or a new listing you have acquired, surely showings are going to shoot through the roof once everyone remembers how great this property is!

 But will they? And more importantly, how do you make sure that local brokers will come to your event? A little creativity!

 Here are 11 pointers that can help your event succeed and help your property get some new attention.

 1.  Make it worthwhile – at the event. Today, commercial real estate brokers (and anyone, for that matter) have a multitude of things beckoning for their time, from family responsibilities to umpteen other industry and networking events. Understanding the competition for their time, you need to be sure their time spent will be worth it. Offer intriguing door prizes – cash works well, and wine or restaurant gift cards are nice too.  And always ask for business cards so you can use them as raffle tickets when you raffle off at least one item of import – something technology related like the new Apple watch, or tickets to a game, for instance.

 2. Make it worthwhile. Put some thought into how you can reward those who came to the broker event when they bring you a prospect. Perhaps there is a gift card for the broker when they bring a prospect to show the property. Most importantly, elevate the incentive by offering an increased commission percentage when the prospect takes the space. Be creative in the way you outline the program, and have a handout at your event that clearly explains the reward for the broker.

 3. Add a twist in the invitation. Add a little your guests won’t feel like they are going to “just one more broker event” (yawn.) At Brenner, we held a St. Patrick’s Day broker event where the brokers had to follow a map to get to the pot of gold. The map led them through the vacant spaces...where a company representative was positioned to extol the advantages of the space.  We have also sent trivia questions regarding the building or the area in order to get the brokers involved -offering a prize for their answers. Your twist should be based on a theme, so that when the brokers see the invitation, they are intrigued enough to come see what you have going on. After all, they don’t want to be left out of an event that everyone in their industry may be talking about the next day!

 4. Tech it out. Be on the cutting edge. Have a laptop hooked to a projector to show your project to its best advantage. It can be on a rolling loop when people come in and mingle, and can coordinate with your presentation when it’s time. (Gone are the days of relying on an easel displaying a foamcore board.) You could send brokers home with a flash drive with the details of your project. Also don’t forget to take photos at the event to post on social media or to your website. You can even upload the photos straight from your phone at the event!

 5. Handy handouts. Whether you send guests out with a flash drive or not, we recommend sending them home with handouts. These can be distributed during your activity, or handed out as they leave. But taking something home forces the broker to reconsider it when he gets back to his desk, thus putting your property in their mind an additional time. Obvious content can be the demographics, traffic patterns, suites available, optimal tenant industries. You know what to do. We recommend presenting guests with an event-themed giveaway as well – hand it out as they leave, and be sure it has your company name or property imprinted on it with a phone number or website.

 What do you think about our tips so far? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Stay tuned for the second half of 11 Pointers for a Creative and Successful Broker Event! 


--The Brenner Blog Team


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