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5 Reasons to be an Athletic Supporter

Added 9/2/15 by The Brenner Blog Team

Ok, no snickering! Today we are discussing the value to your company of being a sponsor of a sports team. We’ve come up with five good reasons – and we’d like to hear your thoughts too!


We recently became a Marketing Partner for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers soccer team. They needed a new office space, so Ken Silberling, Vice President Business Development/Commercial Brokerage and Betty Geller, Commercial Associate, helped the Strikers into a new corporate headquarters in Cypress Commons, 1500 West Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale. The Partner opportunity presented itself and we signed on.

So what is the value of partnering with a sports team? Or in general, what does a real estate firm gain from being a sponsor of sporting events? Should your firm try it? See if these advantages are a “goal” for your company:


1) Networking – As a partner or sponsor, you are often able to meet other sponsors or partners of the team at appreciation functions, matches and more. The more people we meet in unexpected places is good! We can learn more about what’s going on in the community, make new contacts, and share our contacts that may help others.

2) Brand Recognition – Feast your eyes on this cool photo – there is the Brenner logo for all to see, hanging at the field during an exciting Strikers soccer match. This is an obvious advantage – logo exposure on the field and on the Strikers website. Score!


3) Leads – Through the people we’ve met who are Partners, and even soccer fans in the stadium, someone out there may need help with their commercial space requirements. You never know who may need your services in the future – and who THOSE people know that may need your services.

4) Community Support – This is very important to our firm, and probably to yours too. Scott Brenner has always believed in giving back, and our support of the Strikers is no exception. Obviously there are many forms of community support to choose from and worthwhile organizations in which to be active and contribute. The support of a local team is important because we are a South Florida company. We want to see Fort Lauderdale continue to thrive, make news (even on the Sports page), which will encourage city growth. Not to mention that the Strikers administration has been super to work with! Does this kind of community support resonate with you?

5) Cross Marketing – Our real estate deal with the Strikers led to our Partnership arrangement. Our Partnership arrangement has allowed us to benefit from free tickets to the games – and we can invite prospects and guests to come with us to enjoy the fun!

Betty said, “We’ve been attending AND enjoying the games this season – it’s been fun to go out to Lockhart Stadium to watch the team – they are amazing!” We are also offering tickets to local tenants and prospects and promoting the Strikers Team. Naturally, they too are promoting Cypress Commons as they have a ticket box office which brings people to the property every day!


Uptown with the Strikers and Brenner

Ken commented further on the alliance, noting, “Lockhart Stadium is actually part of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport which is a primary economic engine for Fort Lauderdale’s uptown market. I went to my first Strikers Game at Lockhart back in 1983 and over the years the Strikers have been closely associated with the Cypress Creek Uptown business community.

As major stakeholders in the Uptown market, we felt it was important to align ourselves with the Strikers to enhance our profile within the local business community. The City of Fort Lauderdale and the new Envison Uptown organization have embraced the Strikers as a key component in revitalizing the area between Commercial Boulevard and Cypress Creek Road. We are proud to assist in that effort.”


Let us know what you think about our 5 Reasons to be an Athletic Supporter! Hope to see you at the next Strikers’ soccer match!


View the Fort Lauderdale Striker’s schedule here.


--The Brenner Blog Team




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