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Introducing Jason Ditkofsky

Added 9/9/15 by The Brenner Blog Team

Brenner welcomes new associate Jason Ditkofsky to the brokerage team. We thought it would be fun for you to get to know Jason, so we asked him some questions, some of which are usually reserved for “inside” the walls of Brenner!


Q: So why did you seek out a brokerage opportunity with Brenner?
 My step-father is involved in Real Estate Development in Canada, and we were looking to get involved in some projects here in Florida, and I knew enough to know that I was new to the area and would certainly need some guidance. I was actually referred to Mike Eisner by my insurance broker Steve Bornstein. We set up a meeting with Scott and Mike and everybody really hit it off. The rest kind of just naturally fell into place, and along with being an agent at Brenner, we are hoping to partner on some investment and development opportunities in the very near future.


Q: You are a Commercial and Residential Associate with the firm specializing in sales, investment sales and commercial and residential development. What is your favorite type of deal to work on?
A:  I love it all. I know that it seems like a cop-out answer, but I really do. I am involved in some investments in some unrelated small businesses as well, and whether it is during an acquisition or a sale, there is a rush when a deal becomes hot that I am definitely addicted to.



Q: You’re going to be working with Michael Eisner at Brenner. Are you really ready for that?!
A: I think the real question is, is Michael ready for that? We get along great and fortunate for us and unfortunate for others, it seems that we appreciate the same type of humor, so I always have a blast when we are together. I also know that I have a lot to learn, and Mike is a wealth of information. I just hope I can live up to his expectations of me.



Q: You own two Signarama franchises in Florida. Think you can give us a better deal on our property signage than we are getting now?

A: I thought so, but Andrea seems to have the best deals in town on her signage. My staff is always available to give you guys a quote...and a deal.


Q: How does being from Montreal, Canada influence the way you do business?

A: Montreal is a truly bilingual city and is also extremely multi-cultural. As South Florida continues to attract residents from all walks of life, the native Floridians are going to have to get used to changing the way they conduct business to reflect their clients' cultures. Growing up in Montreal, I have been doing this my whole life. Montreal is also known as one of the best places in the world for restaurants and nightlife. I've learned that business gets done more easily when all parties involved are relaxed and well-fed.


Q: What projects are you working on now at Brenner – is there any competitive space you want to promote?

A: At the moment I am working on putting together an investment and development deal on some properties in north Broward and South Palm Beach Counties. I don't want to release any details yet, because nothing is finalized, but trust me, when the deal becomes public, you will not be able to get me to stop talking about it.


Q: What do you do in your free time? Hobbies?
A: I love sports. You name it, I'm into it. Especially the Montreal Canadiens, San Diego Chargers, Miami Heat, and all SDSU Aztecs sports. I also love spending time with my Wife and just chilling at our pool with a good book in hand.



Q: On a personal note, your life is about to change dramatically. Want to tell us about that?

A: Well my life already changed dramatically in December when I married my wife Michelle at the most beautiful wedding ever at the Eau Palm Beach. Since then, we've bought a house and now we're expecting our first child at the end of October. From the moment we found out that Michelle was pregnant, I told everybody it was going to be a girl. I just had this gut feeling. I have never been as excited in my entire life for anything as I am to meet my daughter. Bring it on!


 Congratulations and welcome, Jason!


Jason can be reached at 954-596-5503 or at


--The Brenner Blog Team



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