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It Never Hurts to Take a Refresher Course: Sales Tips for Brokers

Added 12/2/15

The conference room fills up fast with Brenner brokers, notebooks and tablets in hand. Up in front, the instructor looks like a veteran character actor who just stepped off of the movie screen.   He flashes a smile and asks “who closed a big deal this week?” And we see more hands going up every time he comes to the office.


It never hurts to take a refresher course, and the Brenner Team has found that Bernie Cronin offers a refreshing outlook on sales techniques for real estate brokers. He visits the office twice a month to offer tips and encouragement, and we leave there ready to make it happen!


Betty Geller, Commercial Associate, says, “Bernie has been so good at teaching me how easy it can be, with good humor and easy-to-understand  techniques, i.e. make three calls before 9am; the 70/30 Rule: talk less and LISTEN to your client…  and my favorite : SW3N Rule “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, NEXT!!!!  I look forward to each seminar with Bernie.”


Kathleen Alberts, CCIM, Senior Vice President noted, “Many “tried and true” methods for sales training are taught that we all use and if we don’t use them, we should be! I enjoy the hands-on discussions from all who are present.”


Ken Silberling, Vice President says: The most important lesson Bernie teaches is to look for the pain. Business decisions are based on either finding pleasure or avoiding pain. By interviewing the prospect and identifying the pain, we find the motivation for the client to buy, sell or lease. The other personal message Bernie has is PUTT – pick up the telephone. With all the new technology and social media, the phone is still the most important tool in sales. For me, Bernie gives some additional emphasis with PUTFT. I’m still not sure what the F stands for.


Helen Weissman commented, “Bernie’s training provides a constant reinforcement of proven behaviors that performed by me on a routine basis will yield results and more commissions. Having the training so often is extremely helpful to act as a reminder and keep me motivated to be on my best game.”


Bernie wraps up the sales training with a handout – What I Learned and Action Steps I Plan to Take. We thought we would share the handout questions and some anonymous answers from a Brenner Team member. It says:

In this session I learned....all no’s are yesses.


In this session, I was surprised by.....many things I stopped doing and must start again.


I plan to put into action as a result of what I old leads, prospects, clients, warm calls.


I will put the plan into action by this Friday!


We hope this has sparked some new ideas and served as a mini sales refresher course. As Bernie says in his list of over 400 Bernie-isms, “Miracles don’t happen overnight; sometimes they take an entire year.”       (B. Cronin)

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