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Introducing John Sokolowsky

Added 9/24/15

Brenner just keeps on attracting quality associates! We’re pleased to welcome John Sokolowsky as Commercial Associate. Here’s the low-down on this new addition to Brenner in our typical half serious, half irreverent Q&A.


Q: You’re a commercial associate at Brenner pursuing sales and leases. Your background includes business brokerage. How is that background an asset to your new position?

A: I have always been in sales.  I enjoy working and helping people.


Q: What’s one thing you liked when you started at Brenner Real Estate Group? (Ok, you can name two or three.)

A: Everyone was so welcoming and willing to help. When you are the new guy in the office you always have questions and there is always someone willing to stop and answer any questions.


Q: Are there any commercial spaces you want to tell us about that you are marketing, or are you looking for any space for a client?
I am working on a few properties in North Broward and a few Businesses to sell.


Q: John, you served in the US Navy during Desert Storm. Thank you for your service. What was the most important thing you learned?

A: Growing up I always heard the phrase “See the world, join the Navy”. Being on an aircraft carrier opened my eyes to all sorts of new experiences, new people and new countries. I learned how to deal with all sorts of people from different backgrounds and different cultures. The Navy gave me discipline, and taught me how to manage my time in order to achieve my goals.


Q: Sometimes our career in sales means we’ve sold a lot of different things. Tell us how you liked your stint as General Manager of sales at a golf car company.  And did you ever sell to anyone famous?

A: I enjoyed selling golf cars to numerous people - I sold Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods’ ex-wife ) a 6- passenger Hummer for her kids, and also sold a car to Serena Williams’ Dad.  



Q: What is your heritage? And what brought you from your hometown of Manchester, Connecticut to Florida?

A: My Dad was an Aeronautical Engineer and worked for Pratt and Whitney. He decided to relocate in Florida in 1977 - he didn’t like the cold weather in Connecticut.  I grew up in Jupiter, FL in the 80’s, back then there Jupiter was very rural. Now it’s grown to be one of the nicest places to live in Florida.


Q: We understand that when you aren’t working a deal at Brenner, you like to fish. What kind, and can you reveal the location of your best fishing spot?

A: I do a lot off offshore fishing living in Pompano. I like to catch just about any fish, but Dolphin (the fish), Tuna and Wahoo are my favorite. Boating and fishing get me away from all stress and worries that I have day to day.


Q: You have a wife and two daughters. Tell us about them and about what do you like to do together?

A: I reconnected with my wife when I got out of the Navy and settled down. She works for the film industry in Miami. I have 2 daughter’s Delaney and Cameron, who I love more than anything. The kids love the water with snorkeling and tubing. My life’s kind of rough – I’m sort of odd man out in my house – I have 2 female dogs too…that’s how I came up with our boat name 12 years after we bought it - “Outnumbered”. That sums it all up.


Welcome to the group, John!


John Sokolowsky may be reached at 954.596.5528 or at


--The Brenner Blog Team

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