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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Your Tenants and Clients

Added 12/30/15 by The Brenner Blog Team

The holidays were here and are almost over! At Brenner, we like to show appreciation during the holidays. If it weren’t for our great tenants and clients, we wouldn’t be celebrating!


We work hard every year to think how to show appreciation. This year we gave Hoffman’s chocolate baskets with customized graham cracker Oreos with the Brenner logo! Delicious and attractive if we do say so ourselves!


So, we came up with three reasons why we think it is important for real estate companies to show appreciation during the holidays. Do you have any more?


1. Sit and Stay Awhile – Showing appreciation for tenants in our managed properties results in better tenant retention. Delivering a gift for the holidays gives us an opportunity to visit them in person, and gives the tenant a chance to share with us any property management issues - one on one. We can hear the issue, and begin taking steps to resolve it. This shows that we appreciate their presence in our property and that we care that their experience with us is top notch. If we really want them to know we value having them, we will drop off the letter of intent for lease renewal with the gift – because we want to show them we want to keep them there. Showing holiday appreciation helps us strengthen our relationship with tenants.


2. Think of Us First – When it comes to clients, it is important to remain top of mind and to show appreciation. For buyers, sellers and landlords – our goal is to have them think of us when it is time to purchase or sell another building. A gift of appreciation makes a good impression, strengthens the relationship, and lets them know we appreciate their business. The other benefit of thanking our buyers, sellers and landlords is that if they encounter someone else who needs real estate services, they may recommend Brenner. Appreciation helps with referrals.


3. Spread the Smiles – Taking a holiday basket to a tenant, client or landlord makes an impression not only on the company officers, it is also a public way of letting those people know that we value them and that in our list they are our top priority.


We here at Brenner are all about giving back! It goes further than the actual “gift”; is the thought that counts.  As companies pass around the chocolate covered pretzels and the truffles they can say “This is from Brenner.” We hope our gift will help them remember us, and that they may want to refer their family and friends to us ... a company that clearly cares about people and relationships.


You just never know how your holiday gift of appreciation will be noticed, appreciated, and remembered!


--The Brenner Blog Team

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