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Martin Luther King Jr. was a visionary. Are you?

Added 1/21/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

What is a visionary? The dictionary’s first definition is “full of foresight – characterized by unusually acute foresight and imagination.” The second definition is “resulting from imagination.” But the third definition is “incapable of being realized – so idealistic or unrealistic as to be unrealizable in practice.”


What if Martin Luther King had passing notions of civil rights and equality but decided that this dream was “incapable of being realized?”


His actions brought attention to the injustice of segregation, the unfairness of discrimination in employment and housing, and that everyone should have the right to vote.


Do you think he ever doubted that the work he did, the marches he held, the speeches he wrote, the sit-ins he organized, could make a difference? He probably did have a moment of doubt now and then. He was arrested 30 times for his civil rights activities. But with a goal that was way bigger and more important than his doubts, he forged on.


MLK was a visionary that did not stop. From his leadership of a boycott by African Americans on public transportation in Montgomery, Alabama after Rosa Parks was jailed, which resulted in desegregation of busses,  to the famous “I have a Dream!” speech in 1963 at the March on Washington, he was inspirational for his dedication to the cause of civil rights.


Are you a visionary? Have you mapped out a path that will get you to your goal? We consider our very own President/CEO Scott Brenner a visionary. He knew in 1987 when he started the firm that he could bring personal service and good results to his real estate clients. He took the time to build a foundation – of people, of market knowledge, of real estate savvy, so he could create the path he envisioned. He set goals for growth and accomplishment.


A visionary can picture the end result. A visionary is good at goal setting. A visionary learns how to lead a team, or in MLK’s instance, a movement. And a visionary is a hard worker.


Are you a visionary? Have you set goals for your real estate activity for 2016 – whether you are a broker or a property owner, a tenant or a buyer? Have you used your resources to figure out how to close that deal, meet that key person, or position a property for success? How many calls will you make a day? Will you ask for referrals? Will you get involved in events and organizations where you can make new connections?


MLK didn’t have a dream that was “incapable of being realized.” He always believed he could make a difference. Your dream is not “incapable of being realized,” either. Set some goals. Be a visionary – “full of foresight and imagination.” Remember, the story you tell yourself about why you can’t have what you want is the only thing stopping you from getting what you want.


Be a visionary.


--The Brenner Blog Team

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