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Meet Our New Associate, Leandro Pereira

Added 4/15/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

Here we “grow” again! We have just welcomed a new member of the brokerage team, Leandro Pereira, to Brenner as Commercial & Residential Associate. Leandro is the fourth addition to the Brenner Team in the last year! We asked Leandro to tell us about himself, so we could introduce him in The Brenner Blog. Read on!


Q:  Welcome to Brenner! What will you be doing with the company?


A:  I am determined to become an asset to the company and make Brenner Real Estate Group my new home.


Q:  What attracted you to want to be in the real estate field?


A:  My passion for sales and people is what attracted me to real estate the most. I believe people who are passionate about what they do attract others. I am confident that real estate will be a perfect fit for me.


Q:  You have been on board since late January...what do you think of the Brenner Team so far?


A:  Since being at Brenner Real Estate Group I have seen how much the staff can count on their management. They trust that the company will help them grow as realtors and believe in the success the company brings. Brenner Real Estate Group definitely provides a strong foundation to build on.


Q:  You have 12 years of experience in various sales positions from automobiles to fitness services. What are some of the secrets to your sales success?


A:  I believe in order to become successful in sales you must first help others achieve what they desire.

Stephen Covey famously said:  "Highly effective people don’t see the “pie” as having a limited number of pieces. Instead, they see a pie with pieces enough for everyone, and it doesn’t bother them to watch others get their slice". We cannot escape the fact that we live in a competitive culture, however, loving what you do no matter how competitive you have to be to attain your goal doesn’t require stepping on others to get there.


Q:  You have also earned some certifications in the hospitality field. How does knowledge in the hospitality industry apply in commercial real estate?


A:  My hospitality training provides me with a great advantage in commercial real estate, because it helps me to identify the client’s needs, overcome any obstacles, deliver what the client is requesting and most importantly it helps me to make the client feel at ease about any transaction.



Q:  Where are you from originally? What brought you to the US, and how old were you? Did you like the US right away or were there some adjustments?


A:  I was born in Brazil. I moved to New Jersey at the age of 13 and didn't enjoy my first few years living in United States. There were many adjustments I had to make but the most difficult was learning English.



Q:  Your work history says you have been a personal trainer. What’s your favorite part of keeping people fit?


A:  My favorite part of helping people achieve their fitness goals is being able to not only watch them transform physically but mentally as well.



Q:  What do you enjoy doing when you are not pursuing real estate transactions – what are your hobbies?


A:  I enjoy cooking, working out, running, playing soccer, riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle on the weekends and of course, handing out business cards everywhere I go.   




Q: Any goals you’d like to share with us about your new position?


A:  My goal is to learn as much as I can about the product and build a great reputation in the business.



Welcome to the team! Leandro Pereira may be reached at 561-504-3310 or at Please join us in welcoming him aboard!


--The Brenner Blog Team

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