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Help Us Say "Congrats" For 29 Years!

Added 4/1/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

Why is it that the “decade” years are the milestones? How come years that don’t end in zero get pushed under the rug?

 Brenner Real Estate Group is celebrating its 29th anniversary in business on April 1, 2016 – today! What’s so great about 29?


If you think about it, 29 is a pretty good age. It’s one of those birthday years that we hang onto for decades after they occur – like turning age 29 again (and again?) when really we might be somewhere in our 40s or above. People smile when they think of 29 – it’s not 30 yet, so in a way, hanging onto your 20s is extremely admirable. You can be “the young one” in the crowd of 30 somethings.


Other interesting “29” tidbits? We found an article online in The Telegraph from 2013 that said according to a survey by Allure magazine, “Men thought women were most beautiful at 29, while women themselves thought the best age was 31.” That’s a pretty good testimony for 29!


Our Google searching for “what’s good about age 29” turned up another article from the U.K. in Daily that said, “People who do not get on the property ladder by the age of 29 will leave their children unable to ever buy a home, a new report warns.” It continued, saying, “Those that manage to buy their first home by 29 will have a family-sized home by the age of 36 and pay off their mortgage by 61, creating a ‘golden inheritance ‘ for their children to later invest in their own property.” We didn’t even mean to turn this into a real estate comment, but listen up, it makes sense!


Brenner is celebrating this obscure “not quite a milestone” anniversary with an employee lunch at a nearby hotel. When Scott Brenner founded the company in 1987, we wonder if he ever thought that 29 years later, he would be celebrating a team of property managers, brokers and staff totaling upwards of 25 people, dedicated to providing great service and results in the South Florida market.


But listen up. We have a great way you can help Scott and our gang celebrate 29 years. You know how LinkedIn notifies you when someone has work anniversary?  Today, we’re inviting you to say “Congrats on 29 years” to Scott. We’re going to see how many LinkedIn comments, phone calls, emails, texts and shout-outs we can collect today. Feel free to hire a skywriter or airplane banner to offer your best wishes...we’ll be watching!


Twenty-nine years young and still going strong in commercial real estate.  Congrats, Brenner Real Estate Group, on looking great at 29 years!


--The Brenner Blog Team

P.S.:  Don’t forget to add your congratulations post!

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