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In the Commercial Real Estate World - What makes YOU feel like a Million Bucks?

Added 5/20/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

You know the saying –“He/she looks like a million bucks!”

In honor of May 20 which is “National Be a Millionaire Day,” we decided that since we all can’t snap our fingers and just become a millionaire for a day (drats!), we’d talk about things that make you feel like a million bucks! Now, tying this in to commercial real estate may be iffy, but we’re giving it a shot.

I feel like a million bucks...

 1. ...after I have a great phone call with a prospect.
You get the call (or make the call) and find out that you’ve discovered a company that really is looking for space...soon. You are able to get them to share what they are looking for, what they want to pay, where they want to be. You are also able to share with them great suggestions for properties, because you are up to date on your market knowledge in the type of product they are looking for. You end by scheduling another phone call, or a walk-through. It’s a great feeling to be able to share your expertise and truly help someone find what they need!

2. ...after I have reconnected or touched base with a previous client.
Business is about relationships. Just because you closed a warehouse deal with a client 10 years ago doesn’t mean you should lose touch. Take our own Kathleen Alberts, for instance. She has handled more than four leases since 2009 with Beltmann North America. That’s a relationship worth keeping. By picking up the phone and just checking in with the least likely previous client, you may find a referral, or that the client is ready to move again. Plus just catching up gives you a good feeling, and lets them know you were thinking of them.

3. ...when I close a deal.
The likelihood of actually making a million bucks may be slim, but you have every opportunity to feel like a million bucks when you close a lease or sale. You brought parties together and solved a need in a mutually agreeable manner. You used your knowledge, your negotiating skills, ethics, communication skills and your charisma. It may have been a short sales cycle or a long one, but if you closed it, that feels terrific. You know what makes you feel even better? That FAT commission check! Now, on to the next want that feeling again! (and again!)

4. ...when I finish a course that adds alphabet letters to my name.
CCIM, RPA, SIOR, SFR, CPM, CAM, COS....what have we left out??? All that studying, all that time, and the grueling stress of a test. The outtake is that now you know more. You are more valuable to your company. You have respect of your peers and your clients and can provide added value in a competitive world. Plus a bonus – you can now order fresh new business cards with an unrecognizable acronym after your name that makes you more mysterious. Or at least acts as a conversation starter.

5.… when someone calls me and starts the conversation by saying … John Smith recommended you for this job! What better feeling is there than to know you have done a great job – and someone noticed! You exceeded someone’s expectations and even better, they feel confident enough to send their friends or family to you. That not only makes us feel like a million bucks, it also makes us feel like rock stars.

The number of US households with a net worth of $1 million or more rose to 10.4 million in 2016 (article here.) We can’t all be millionaires on May 20, but there must be some situation you’ve run across in commercial real estate leasing or sales that makes you feel like a million bucks (...something other than being the raffle winner at a Brenner Broker Breakfast, that is!) Tell us about that, or let us know what you would do if you were able to be a Millionaire for a Day!


--The Brenner Blog Team

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