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Office Relocation? Don’t forget the Coffee and 12 Other Office Relocation Tips

Added 8/3/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

When your office lease is up and it’s time to move to a new spot, are you a “Spreadsheet-checklist- color-coded-I-dotter-and-T-crosser,” or a “Let the chips fall where they may” kind of person? If “It’s Saturday, let’s find a truck” is the extent of your relocation plan, we’re hoping this list of moving tips can bring to light some preparation you can use to make your next move a smooth transition.


Brenner Real Estate Group knows a lot about moving. Every time someone likes our office… we get up and move!!!  We’ve weathered many moves over the years, and each time we’ve gotten more efficient about how to Get Ready, Get Set, and Move!


Here’s the “Get Ready” part:

  1. Map Out Your Space - Request a space plan – as large as possible – of your new suite. Label the space for every department, label who goes where, the break room, conference room, copy room, and every space that needs labeling. Over-labeling is not a bad thing – you want there to be no question about what goes where. Assign each general area a color. If you have multiple workstations in an area, you could also add letters, such as Purple A, Purple B, etc. or you can assign a number per person in your office to make it easier for you and for the movers. (Don’t forget to give everyone in your office a copy of that floor plan
  2. Color Code Everything – Label boxes and equipment to match their final destinations. You can use colored dot stickers, tags, whatever system you come up with. (You can buy these, but check with your moving company – they may supply colored labels.) But this way you will be sure the copier doesn’t end up in the bathroom.
  3. Share the Plan – Use the same formatted drawing for everything related to your relocation. Share it with your vendors.
  4. Moving Quotes – Get at least three quotes for moving. Even if you have used a moving vendor in the past, it is a good idea to let them quote, but be sure they are competitive by getting other quotes. Use the best bid, and be sure you demand a “Not to Exceed” quote. This way you will know the maximum amount you may be spending. It also forces the moving team to work fast and efficiently without taking coffee breaks at your new coffee station!
  5. Tech Vendors – Meet with your cabling and network providers. Using the same space plan, design the server room and work with the vendors to make sure phones, computers and internets work on Day 1!
  6. Telephone – Moving your existing telephone system may be tricky, but plan in advance with your vendor.  If buying a new system, get your three bids and make sure the computer network folks are knowledgeable to make all systems coordinate into the drops and patch panels.
  7. Computer Set-ups and IT – Make sure you plan in advance of your move days so that the computer set-ups are handled in an organized fashion. You want work flowing as though your move was barely a blip on the radar! It’s important for customer continuity, and your staff will expect no less. This will likely require on-site presence by multiple members of your IT vendor or in-house IT teamOf course there will be glitches, but you’ll have experts ready to solve the challenges.
  8. Evaluate Your Furniture – Will your existing furniture work in the new office digs? Does it match the style of the space, or is everything going to look dated when you update your address? Plan ahead with office furniture vendors if you need replacements, fill-ins or a new look, and schedule the delivery at the best strategic date surrounding your move days. Whether you need new or used furniture – we’d be happy to recommend our vendors, so let us know if you need a resource.
  9. Safety First – Another pre-move meeting is with your current alarm company. If they can help in your new space, share your space plan and discuss the costs and implementation of your new system. If you need a new company on board – you know the drill by now. Three quotes based on your space plan, followed by a walk-through meeting with the chosen vendor, and an implementation schedule that coordinates with the date your valuables will be there. Be sure they have an opportunity to train multiple staff members on the system.
  10. Water and Coffee and plenty of snacks – Moving is a thirst-provoking job – be sure that if you have a water cooler vendor that they know to set up in advance of your move day, with the cooler installed and jugs at the ready. Be sure in advance to move the subscription service for your water and coffee suppliers and have enough drinks and snacks for your employees and movers the day of the move. Since moving takes such a long time, make sure you call ahead and order lunch to avoid “hangry” people.
  11. Corporate Communications – It may be obvious, but don’t forget to change your address with the Post office, update all letterhead and business cards, website “Contact Us” section and everywhere your old address needs to be updated. This should really be in the works prior to your move.
  12. Mail Call – Update your postage meter. When a postage meter has been moved to a new address, the US Post Office must be notified. In some cases the meter will need to be replaced so the correct zip code prints on your mail.
  13. Clean-up Crew – Arrange for porter clean up services in your new space. Your new building’s property management company may be able to recommend a vendor.


In addition to the real estate mantra of “Location, Location, Location,” when it comes to relocating your office, we’d like to add the advice of “Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.” Hopefully from these tips, you’ve learned something you can add to your moving routine to keep business running smoothly and to keep your sanity intact!


--The Brenner Blog Team


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