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Listing Competition Spurs Commercial Activity at BREG – Will it Work for Your Office?

Added 8/17/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

August equals summer and summer equals Olympics. We hope we are not the only ones glued to our TV and supporting our amazing USA Team.

Here at Brenner, we also got a little competitive. Peter Messina, CCIM, SFR, Vice President of Commercial Brokerage found a way to beat the Florida heat. Peter is the winner of a recent Listings Competition we held in our office from April 18 to June 30. To qualify, our brokers had to bring in the most number of new listings or tenant representation agreements. If the listing or agreement was all yours, it was worth 1 point. If you shared it with a partner, you got ½ a point.

Peter brought home the gold with 7 new listings and tenant rep agreements. The prize? A one week stay in Telluride, Colorado including airfare for 2. Talk about cool!

Peter says he plans to go early next year or in the spring and that he is still planning who will go with him. (For a chance to enter, email all bids to – just kidding!) We asked him where he found motivation and he said, “The contest motivated me to go out and find new business. I have never been to Telluride, and since I am very competitive, I worked very hard to win. Luckily for those who are seeking business, the market is currently strong enough that there is a lot to be found…just go out and get it.”

Our Commercial Associate John Sokolowsky came in second. We won’t even ask him how it feels! John put forth a valiant effort and came in just ½ point shy of the prize. Beatriz Suarez, our marketing Coordinator, said the contest was supposed to end at 5:30pm on June 30. Peter kept calling the office all day to see if John was ahead, which he was. At 5:25, Peter called again to alert that more new listings were on the way. Sure enough, at 5:30pm on the nose, Peter’s last two listings arrived in email, squeaking in under the finish line. Sorry, John, but you were a strong contender!

Because the Listing Competition was a success, Brenner has started a sales competition. It began July 11th and runs through Thanksgiving. The broker with the most contracts and closings will be the winner. Guess who’s in the lead? The prize has not been announced, but we are sure it will be exciting!

Try a sales or listing competition in your company, offer a coveted prize, see what it does for your bottom line and please let us know.


--The Brenner Blog Team

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