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Here we grow again: Q & A with Andres Caicedo

Added 8/24/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

Brenner recently welcomed Andres Caicedo to the firm as Commercial and Residential Associate. We’ve learned many times over how important industry connections are, and that you just never know where they will lead! Read on to learn more about Andres as the Brenner Blog Team plied him with questions.

Q:  You are originally from Colombia, and owned an investment real estate company there for 25 years. Tell us more about your business overseas.

A: Yes, I still own a real estate investment company in Colombia that manages properties in retail shopping centers, distribution warehouses and farm land. I have developed my business in Panama as well.

Q:  What kinds of lessons have you learned from investment real estate in South America that you can apply to your role here at Brenner?

A:  The real estate business is based on passion and patience, as well as building up good relations with people you can trust – and networking is key. The market is the same anywhere you practice…the difference is the laws. The rest is just supply and demand.

Q:  Do you have any South Florida ties?

A:  My ties to South Florida are my Brother Juan Caycedo, architect, my sister Ana who is also working in architecture and my beautiful family: my wife Sandra and my children Sara, Susana, and Pedro as well as good friends from school.

Q:  How have you shared your insights in international business with others?

A:  I been invited to speak to groups of business people (entrepreneurs) in reference to my experience in different business that I been involved.


Q:  Do you think anyone can be an entrepreneur?

A:  I think that is the way I describe myself in life. The way I see it is that not everybody is willing to take the risk that an entrepreneur will take in new adventures.


Q:  What are your goals at Brenner Real Estate Group?

A:  To be very successful and to learn every day from the excellent people I have around me at Brenner.


Q:  How did you find Brenner? Did you know anyone at Brenner when you got here?

A:  I have always heard from my brother Juan great things about Scott and Andrea.


Q:  Tell us about your family.

A:  My wife Sandra is a great woman! She has been very supportive in every adventure in my life. She has a business degree with a major in Fashion Design. Currently she is studying Bio-Neuroemotion and is a Certified Life Coach. We have identical twin girls who are 20 years old. Susana is graduating from FAU with a major in Marketing this fall. Sara is also graduating this fall from FAU with a major in International Business and Marketing. Pedro, my youngest, is 16 and is a Junior at Boca High.


Q:  Do you have hobbies?

A:  A lot of them!  Soccer, horseback riding, mountain biking, and until six months ago, driving race cars and motorcycles.


Brenner is pleased to have Andres and his years of commercial experience on the brokerage team. Contact Andres at  or at 954-596-5510 with your next real estate inquiry.


--The Brenner Blog Team


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