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National Boss’s Day was Monday. (What does your Boss really want?)

Added 10/19/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

Did you know that every year since 1958, National Boss’s Day is celebrated on or about October 16? This year it fell on Monday the 17th. What do you think about National Boss’s Day?

Here at Brenner, we celebrated our bosses Scott and Andrea Brenner with something simple but heartfelt. We sent them an e-card (got to be green) and got them cupcakes from the staff to recognize them.

Interestingly, Boss’s Day has received support as well as a “thumbs down” over the years. Why the clash?

1 – Obligation – What if an employee felt they had to sign a thank you card just to maintain a good relationship with their Boss? That could be uncomfortable. And not genuine.

2 – Pressure to Contribute – Does Boss’s Day put pressure on staff to spend money on cards, candy, flowers or gift cards? Is that appropriate?

The concept behind the creation of National Boss’s Day probably was misinterpreted because the goal was to improve the relationship between employees and supervisors and provide a chance to show appreciation for the Boss’s support. Do we really need one special day to show our appreciation? We are so proud of our boss, Scott Brenner. He is very well respected and loved, and he does show his appreciation towards his staff on a daily basis. Why not return the favor, and not just for a day?

So what does a Boss really want, yes, more than a gift card? Here are some ideas we thought of to make your Boss’s Day!

A – Be on time and be prepared. It’s respectful. And it shows you care enough about your career to be there. Your Boss will appreciate that, whether it means showing up for a meeting on time or turning in an assignment on time. That’s a great way to say “thanks for letting me be a part of the company.”

B – Be pleasant. Whatever is going on in your life, if you bring negativity to the workplace, it will be noticed. Negativity spreads like wildfire. Your Boss will appreciate it if you are pleasant to be around, and positive.

C – Be a team player. Work well with others. Contribute. Do your part. 

D – Offer new ideas. What Boss wouldn’t feel thanked when you provide innovative ideas? Your enthusiasm and the fact that you have thought about better ways to do things will show that you are engaged.

E- Represent your company well. Outside the office, with vendors, networking with colleagues, or even at an outside event. Be proud of the company you work for by being honest, cordial and doing a good job. Probably for a boss, this is the ultimate gift. Make him/her and the company they created look good.

Do you have more ideas on how to show your Boss you appreciate them all year long? 


-The Brenner Blog Team 

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