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Is Real Estate a Stressful Profession?

Added 11/2/16 by The Brenner Blog Team

In 2014, listed being a Real Estate Agent as one of the 10 most stressful and depressing jobs in America. At Brenner, we love what we do, however, we recognize that in real estate, we face our own special elements that cause stress. Client needs vs. available space vs. terms of the deal – it all builds up!

November 2 was National Stress Awareness Day this year (although some calendars show that it was April 16.) Stress can affect us all year long, so we thought we’d collect and share a few articles on stress relief, specifically for real estate agents.

1) From How to Avoid the Ravaging Effects of Burnout
Stress busting tips to help control your time and relaxation techniques are found in this helpful post.

2) From  How Best to Relieve a Client’s Stress
This post focuses on how to make your client feel at ease. A stress-free client will help reduce your own stress level.

3) From 3 Tips for Nipping Real Estate Stress in the Bud
A few pointers on what stress means for real estate, why it affects sales, and how to fix it by being mindful of your thoughts.

4) From How to deal with the Stress of Being a Real Estate Investor
This article takes a look at handling stress from the viewpoint of someone who is investing. Unexpected repair costs? Complaining tenants? Long term transactions? Here are five tips for the investor on dealing with that type of stress.

5) And from the Texas Real Estate Council’s TREC Wire:
Links to four TED Talks that teach stress reduction and management

Sometimes you may not even realize you are under stress. Have you seen that commercial where people are “someone else” until they have a Snickers Bar? You can turn to candy for relief, but we hope the links above will help you recognize stress and find a way to manage it, for the health of your business and for your own personal health!


-The Brenner Blog Team


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