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Added 3/31/17 by The Brenner Blog Team

Was it really 30 years ago on April 1, 1987, that Scott Brenner and a partner started a commercial real estate brokerage business in Fort Lauderdale? It sure was!

Since then, President and CEO Scott Brenner assumed full ownership and broadened Brenner Real Estate Group to go beyond brokerage services, adding property management and development services. You can check out our full history at here and how the company expanded to provide full services for all commercial property types.

Our company is celebrating our “three decades” with a luncheon on March 31. We also are adding a new “30 Years” banner to our logo this year – take a look to the left to see it!

So, are you wondering what the secret is to surviving and thriving for 30 years? We asked Scott a few specific questions about that!

Q: What is one major factor that has kept Brenner Real Estate Group going strong for all these years?

Scott: Relationships, customer service, and the love for the business.  (That was more than one.)


Q:  Where do you gain your inspiration? What keeps you going?

Scott: I’d say my inspiration comes from the opportunity to provide an ongoing business for our staff, and that I am able to be an entrepreneur responsible for owning a business. What keeps me going?  I must have “deal junkie DNA!” I’m always looking to create a solution and create a solid buyer/seller combination.


Q:  If you had the opportunity, would you have done something different?

Scott:  Yes! I would have listened to the forecasters who predicted the turn of the market in 2007-2009 that blindsided all of us real estate professionals. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a crystal ball.


Q: Any tips for people that are starting in commercial real estate? Any tips for people that want to start their own business?

Scott:  Read. I recommend “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty” by Harvey Mackay, and “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson, M.D.  Write a business plan. Set “Whysmart” goals. Do the behaviors that your business will require, including the 3x9 rule – three prospect phone calls by 9am. Schedule five lunch meetings a week – but never go out to lunch with a friend, be sure it is always with a prospect. Keep social time for social time, and business for business.

Q:  What advantages as far as technology have people today that you didn’t have 30 years ago?

Scott:  Smart phones, a server, email, Loopnet, Costar. And, the Cloud. Oh, and drones! (laughs)


Q:  Why do you think you are successful?

Scott:  Network, network, network. I establish and keep relationships with all types of people, from political, to personal, clients, vendors, local businesspeople and more. Networking is a source of opportunity and friendships.


Q:  Final words as you celebrate 30 years?

Scott:  Real estate has been very good to me!


Along with Scott, we’re excited about our three decades – and look forward to the future!


--The Brenner Blog Team

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