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Six Ways to Make Lunch Time Count for your Business

Added 4/12/17 by The Brenner Blog Team

There are plenty of quirky and “just for fun” national holidays. And then there are “national days” with a marketing spin.

This appears to be the case for National Make Lunch Count Day which is observed tomorrow on April 13. From what we can find out, National Make Lunch Count Day was created when the restaurant chain T.G.I. Fridays commissioned a study to find out how many workers eat lunch at their desks. Their results showed that 73% of American workers eat lunch in the office at their desks twice a week, and a third of workers don’t leave their desk any day of the week for lunch.

The National Make Lunch Count Day is to encourage workers to increase their productivity and creativity by changing their environment by going out to lunch. That break in the day can give you a new perspective for the second half. Of course whether or not you go to T.G.I. Friday’s is up to you!

Now that you’re planning to leave your desk, how can you really make lunch count for your business? We’ve come up with three ways from Brenner Real Estate Group’s Scott Brenner…see what you think:

1) Five a week. In a recent discussion, Scott recommended to schedule five lunch meetings a week. This makes lunch count because it gets you away from your desk, out of the office, and who knows who you will run into that could be a good contact? That’s five chances a week to network as well as to increase productivity and creativity when you return to your desk. Just think, you’ll come back refreshed and revved up. The sky’s the limit on what you can accomplish!

2) Never go out to lunch with a friend. Always go out with a prospect. Now that goal takes some work! This means you have to be planning for your five lunches a week (see item 1) way ahead of time so that you can strategically fill your calendar with prospects. This means you better have lots of prospects in the pipeline, or at least people who can benefit your business by sharing ideas or enlightening you on a topic or question you have. (There’s an extra benefit if those prospects turn into friends…all the better!)

3) Make lunch a launching pad. Whatever you do at lunch, make a pledge to yourself that it is going to lead to something else. Maybe you have lunch with a prospect and you are able to schedule an appointment for a showing. Maybe you’ve run into a prospect or business target at another table at lunch who you didn’t expect to see. Once you agree you MUST get together soon – you’ll text or call them and actually set a date for another lunch, coffee or dinner. Use lunch to launch more business.

4) Volunteer. A lot of people volunteer at lunch time. Take time at lunch to donate some clothing or items you’ve cleaned out of your house so people who can use it more than you can will enjoy it. Or arrange to have lunch with high schoolers to provide some kind of mentoring. (Are your ideas flowing yet?)

5) Work Out. Take a walk, go to the gym, make your lunch count toward good health. Enough said.

Or if you must stay at work…

6) Lunch brainstorming. Order lunch in to the conference room and have a brainstorming session between two or three people. “Feed” off of each other’s ideas and give opinions and perspective about a specific topic or goal. That way you are not at your desk, you are making lunch count because you are working. Two or three heads are better than one, so… you are making lunch count.

Now that we’ve shared our ideas on how to make lunch count tomorrow on National Make Lunch Count Day, do you have some more ideas to add? #NationalMakeLunchCount

--The Brenner Blog Team

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