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It’s Administrative Professionals Day: Are You Grateful? Show it!

Added 4/26/17 by The Brenner Blog Team

Ask yourself – are you easy to work for? Do you offer a cheery good morning and a smile to those administrative professionals that help you look your best?

Thanking your support team today on April 26, Administrative Professionals Day is important. Thanking them verbally is a good start. Showing them you appreciate it is even better.

Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week of April every year. Here are some ideas to show your support professional that they are valued.

1 – Greeting Card – a thank you greeting card is always appreciated.

2 – Chocolates or candy, balloons or movie tickets.

3 - Gift card – What do they like? Starbucks is great, but a restaurant gift card is even better. How about a spa or nail salon? Or, something practical like T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods, or Home Depot. You should know the person well enough to choose something they will enjoy. Put the gift card inside a greeting card that shows you care.

4 – Flowers – flowers can make someone feel special, particularly when they are a surprise. Flowers are a very visible symbol of your appreciation.

5 – How about an office party or office lunch? Don’t ask the administrative professionals to organize it and don’t ask them to bring food. Have fun appreciating them and recognize them with their thank you gift or a fun awards program during the lunch. Everyone enjoys recognition and it goes a long way!

Without the support of our admin staff at Brenner Real Estate Group, we could not do what we do. We have an amazing team! We want to thank our very special Administrative Professionals:



 So, remember that proposal or RFP that had to go out by a deadline? Remember how your administrative professional stayed late to get it done because you were slow providing the information? Remember??? Good, because they definitely remember! Now, get out of your chair and go find the perfect appreciation gift that will brighten their day!

What other ways can you think of to show your appreciation?


-The Brenner Blog Team



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